Tauheeda Azad Faiz

Those who know me, know how I absolutely uninhibitedly love to speak and connect. So when I got thinking about my next gig, obviously this was the first thing that came into mind!

To do what I love, which is to speak and connect! Which is how the concept of podcasting struck me. With this podcast of mine, I want to reach out to people who have made an impact. And talk to them, about them, for a change. Not their careers or the achievements, but what is it about them that makes them tick.

A banker turned homemaker, currently co-founder of F&B platforms Mayfair Restaurants and Caviar Hospitality owning brands including Absolute Barbecues (AB’s), Levanti’sh and Gerry’s Grill. Mother to three kids, making sure they are well fed, taught and entertained! An absolute bibliophile who loves to travel and blog in whatever little time left.

Join me on this journey, let’s do this together. Identify the people we need to spy on, get them on this journey, and lets have a free spirited laugh riot together!

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Nayla Al Khaaja

First Female Film Maker in UAE

Farhaana Ismail

Founder and Life Coach at Significant Connection

Mais Mohammed

Goodwill Ambassador for Women and Children

Neha Anand

Founder and CEO of Three Layer Hospitality

Dareen Barbar

Guiness world record, Amputee

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